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Summer 2021 Newsletter

A message from the president of the Association, Tim Nolan.

Well, it’s been an interesting and unprecedented year to say the least. We have been open a year since the mandatory two month closure. Despite and because of COVID we kept very busy as described on the following pages. While we have greatly missed many owners, marketing, new renters and RCIs have increased our overall demand, adding to our owner and rental base. Florida is bustling and car rental waits are at holiday levels every week.  The staff is all well and many thousands of guests have safely stayed with us. 

Speaking of demand, when we enter summer our occupancy goes up as we see more families as opposed to just couples or foursomes at other times of year.  Our vacation occupancy is 6 people sleeping and using the facilities.  If your group has expanded beyond 6 people you need to examine your needs and obtain the required space, through RCI, by rental or by ownership. Many owners have friends and family nearby or passing by for a visit. This is normal, expected and welcomed.  However, having friends and family that know you does not entitle multiple households in excess of 6 to converge on and utilize our facilities all week. Get with Karen!   Karen can be reached at (321) 408-6060.

Our new pool deck activities are attracting attention causing an uptick in strangers trying to breach or charm their way in and some try parking here to walk to the public accesses. Parking is always at a premium here as it is. Because of this we have no trespassing and towing signs and we require everyone and every vehicle to be registered at all times, even post COVID.  We check for passes frequently and don’t be upset if we ask for your name and if/where you belong. This helps with security and for consideration of all those who adhere to occupancy limits.


What We Have Been Doing Since 2020

Starting with the closure of 2020 we:

· Completed the balance of 80 bathroom remodels. They are beautiful.

· Put new flooring in about half of the kitchens and replaced the original drop ceiling with can lights in those kitchens.

· Improved drainage, sloped and resurfaced exterior landings in both buildings along with additional drainage in front of elevators.

· Replaced 5 elevator sills and an elevator car door.

· Purchased new coffee makers with single serve and carafe capabilities.

· Installed safes in all units.

· Installed new garbage chute in south building and new chute doors in both buildings.

· Replaced fire hoses and fire pump controller.

· Replaced Trex outside party room with pavers.

· Re-surfaced and striped parking area.

· Installed new LED lights in stairwells and outside front doors.

· Completed new million dollar roof.

· Delivered fiber to the buildings for tv/phone/internet.

· Removed bedspreads and introduced enhanced cleaning procedures.

· Check-in time reverted from 3:00PM to 4:00PM firm per the condo docs and will remain there.

· Sand was trucked onto the beach-a county/state/federal project planned for more than 2 decades.  We have had sand before but not in this magnitude.

Tilan, Inc., greatly increased marketing funds to lure new people to its website. We had to fill available rentals caused by those unable to come due to COVID travel restrictions.


What We Are Planning For 2021

This year we plan to accomplish the following items:

· Complete the balance of front hallway floors.  All 80 bathrooms are remodeled.  All kitchens will have new flooring and drop ceiling with can lighting for improved appearance. Kitchen cabinets and counters will be updated in the future.

· Renovate the original office for ergonomics and increased power/ technology needs; planned since 2010 but other things came up. This will be better for staff now and more enticing to future staff hires.

· Relocate and increase laundry space and add another commercial washer/dryer combo. The increased laundry turnover precipitated by COVID made this a necessity.

· New office phone system and bundling of phone/internet/cable TV with one vendor – Spectrum.  Increase and improve internet service for all units.

· Rain screen for the button sides of the elevators.

· Paint building and replace/paint roof fascia on north and east sides of both buildings.

These improvements total almost 4 million dollars since the bathroom remodels began. We accomplished this with reserves, an insurance settlement from Irma and a loan from BB&T bank (now Truist Financial). Financing allowed us to keep remodeling without an assessment or raising maintenance fees while the insurance negotiations went on (for several years). 


Management holds meetings on-site, typically Monday’s at 11:00AM.  We bring coffee & donuts and do a drawing for attendees. Join hosts Christine, Suzanne and Karen for a very informative gathering.

Christine Foote has been with us over 21 years. She oversees all administration, accounts payable and receivable, rental taxes and closings of resales. She recounts projects completed and planned and touches on the need to be aware of, and take care of, title work on your week(s). You want to be prepared for heirs, resale and estate planning.  You want to avoid probate!  She will refer you to a local title company to assist with your planning.

Suzanne O’Brien joined us in 2017 bringing business, hotel and rental experience.  Her specialty is our rental program, but more importantly still, she schedules the rooms for everybody.  Scheduling requires conversations with owners to get everyone placed. When you own different units on multiple weeks, we cannot keep you in another owners unit without them accepting a different unit as well, and so on, and new sales add to the complexity. The schedule must be sorted in advance, if she leaves you a message – return her call as it may be about a rental for you or critical to your stay options!  Please note the rental program is first come first serve, plan accordingly, the longer you wait to put your unit up for rent, the chances of it renting will decrease.   

Karen Piccirillo began her career at Las Olas Beach Club of Cocoa Beach then joined Hilton and Disney before returning to us. She is most knowledgeable plus has a work ethic second to none. She is our transaction agent for resales, facilitating agreements between buyers and sellers. She has also helped owners obtain, through purchase and sale, different units and times of year as their needs change.  The resort sells itself but you may help buyers and sellers by referring all inquiries to her.  Please, please do not discuss prices as you do not know what another seller will accept; we don’t even know until negotiations on the proper listing begin. When it’s your turn to sell, you will not want someone else quoting prices that are irrelevant to your particular unit, time of year and circumstances. Karen starts by helping discover what unit and time of year best suits the needs of potential buyers.

We also have Patty who you will meet at check in, Lacey is here for activities, Don & Ryan our maintenance team, Krafty Karen and Swimmy Patricia and of course we still have Chris and Tim.